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The Best Keylogger 3.54 build 1000

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The Best Keylogger 3.54 build 1000Description

The Best KeyLogger is a piece of software designed for surveillance purposes, allowing users to record all computer activity in the background, while also ensuring that this action passes unnoticed by the active user. Suitable for parental controlThe application can prove a good option for parents who want to know what their children are doing on their computers, as it can record all of their activity and even send reports to a desired email account, for easy and convenient access.
With the help of this tool, parents can make a better idea of their children's whereabouts even when they are not under direct adult supervision, so that they can better protect them against various online threats.
The utility can be used to record the activity of all users on a computer, and could also prove useful in for IT administrators, as it can help them discover or prevent corporate espionage.
For some people, however, the application might not fall in line with their moral principles, as it involves spying on others, which is nothing more than a privacy breach.
Easy-to-use and setupThe Best KeyLogger is pretty easy-to-use, and relatively simple to configure, courtesy of an intuitive, well-organized interface. Right after installation, it can start saving all computer activity to local files with a simple keyboard combination, without setting up additional options.
From the settings window, users can set the tool to launch at computer startup, and can also specify various logging options, including the type of activity they want to monitor, and the manner in which it should be recorded.
The application can log key strokes and mouse clicks, can take screenshots at specific intervals, and can also send logs to a specific FTP server or by email. It also allows users to easily print logs or to export them, but can also display them in its main window, if necessary.
Reliable surveillance softwareAll in all, The Best KeyLogger is a straightforward, intuitive program that allows users to record the activity on a computer without being noticed, while also providing them with various reporting options. The tool can record keystrokes and can also take screenshots, thus offering a comprehensive set of monitoring tools at an accessible cost.
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